Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ass Woopin Nell Carter Style on the Horizon; Habs/Flyers Preview

Scary ass babysitter's comin' home and she's about to lay down the law.

There are 29 teams the Habs could face in this league. With a 1-5-2 record and winless sheet at home, rest assured, the Flyers are the last team the Habs would want to face tonight. They are the Nell Carter of the house. Tough and scary, but when they're on their game almost elegant to watch. You fuck up and you shudder at the thought of aunt Nell coming down and ripping you to pieces. You hide under the staircase, Harry Potter style.

The task at hand is huge; reverse the slide against the pyschological dent in your mind that has become the Flyers over the years.

And now they even have a goaltender.

It's so easy to predict a landslide that I hesitate to fall into that predictable trap. But what else can you expect? If they can't get past anybody right now, what suggests they can turn it around against the Flyers?

The coach plays his career in Montreal over the next 4 days. That's a given. If the boys don't respond to that, we know he's lost the room.


Josie Gold said...

Gimme a break!

see what I did there? That was the name of her show. Network television was awesome in the early 80's.

neverbeenpkissed said...

At this point, a line comprised of Webster, Arnold Jackson and Alex P. Keaton would have more of a chance. Agreed 4; stoic he may remain, the 60 minutes theme starts ringing in Martin's ears tonight:inevitably deafening for a man with THOSE appendages.

juce said...

you are trly a genious.

juce said...


Josie said...

Thanks Juce.

Public Domain said...

re: PP problem. It wasn't Perry Pearn, it was the Pink Pads

Anonymous said...

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