Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ebony & Avery Game preview Habs vs Rangers

We now join a conversation between PK and Sean Avery at the red line during the pregame warmup.

Avery: Hey, PK. While I was on vacation in the AHL, I heard you were becoming the most hated player in the NHL. You gonna steal my job just like that? You dick.

Ebony: Whatever Sean. You're time is over. The NHL needed a new person to hate and I was just what the doctor (dre) ordered. The difference is that they love hating me. You, they just hate.

Avery: You little shit. I was telling guys their girlfriends were sloppy seconds while you were still in pee-wee. Have some respect.

Ebony: The guy who called George Laraque a monkey is gonna teach me about respect? You had it easy Sean. Squeezing water at fans, calling out french guys wearing visors, all that shit is small time You have any idea what it's like being a Black man in the NHL?

Avery: I could be a black guy in my sleep. Try being an unpaid straight intern at Vogue magazine. You look great in that scarf by the way. And where did you get those shoes Mr. Fancy?!

Ebony: I got them in the hood.

Avery: Is that the new place in the village?

Ebony: No, it's the place you would get shot if you went alone.

Avery: I don't think I like your attitute PK. Do you know who the fuck I am? Did you see what I did to Brodeur? I even called him Fatso after he wouldn't shake my hand.

Ebony: Ok Sean, you win. You're a bigger asshole.

Avery: Who told you I had a big asshole?

Ebony: I said you were a big asshole, but thanks for sharing the size of your anus. This way it will hurt less when I fire a slapshot in there.

Avery: You think Brodeur had it tough when I stood in front of him? Carey's gonna wish he was never born.

Ebony: What did you say?

Avery: I said th...

Ebony: I know what you said Vogue boy. You even look at Carey tonight and I'm gonna get midevil on your ass. You think I'm big? Wait till you see my cousin Ray Ray.

Avery: Take it easy man. You know all I do is talk and then I don't back it up.

Ebony: Yeah, I know. The whole league knows. Now shut the fuck up and try and keep up with us in the NHL. Bitch.


juce said...

Should be a good game, I just know Avery will be a thorn.


Anonymous said...

North York ain't exactly Compton so these 2 mega city natives are more likely to compare sweater vests and Porshe leases...funny as always DC!