Friday, November 25, 2011

La cloche matinale pour vendredi le 25 novembre 2011

Le clochard honorifique d'aujourd'hui: El Conkistador

Il a finalement debuté l'expérience francofun des PK'istes! Congrats Conky for making my posts look like a retarded monkey wrote them.

Now onto business. Great football games yesterday. The Pack kept the drive for perfection alive, The Cowboys win on a last second field goal and John Harbaugh beat his kid brother in the night game. You gotta admire the way the NFL runs its business.

The NBA is trying to get a deal in place to salvage a 66 game season that would start on Christmas day. It's a great idea but regular season basketball sucks. I vote for a 32 team tournament NCAA style with Michael Jordan as ref, Magic and Bird as announcers and Sir Charles as the halftime show.

Big game today with the Habs visiting Philly at 3pm. Escott didn't make the trip so watch for Eller to have a big game. I'm not worried about the effort for today. Habs Logic will prevail. But we have seen them play well and lose so just to be safe, we should tomahawk chop Giroux's ankle in the warm up.


DarthAlexander said...

Wow, Gomez looks really relaxed when he's on vacation.

El Conkistador said...

@DC it’s an honour to Conkistate the Bell from today’s runner up, Thanksgiving Gravy. El Gran Sombrero on the head and the pequenito on the chorizo? Should clearly be the other way around muchacho!