Friday, February 1, 2013

Adolph Therrien bans the triple low five, yet donates to youth hockey program in Israel.

Well this is a weird one.  During his first full team practice, PK and Carey have been told that the triple low five celebration after wins will no longer be tolerated.  I get that Therrien wants to flex his muscles and show the kid who's boss, but this seems a little petty.  I too want to see PK mature and become a better team guy, but would it really be a source of division in the room?  If it would be, then the room is in big trouble.  It was a little tradition that the fans seemed to love.  The problem here is that in an attempt to get his point across to PK, he may inadvertently kill the kid's creativity.  Guys like PK can't be contained like this.  He's the golden boy.

But the challenge is not to treat him like the golden boy.  He has to think like he's one of the guys, but everybody knows that he and Carey are the backbone of the team.  What Therrien is doing is soaking his soul in some Woolite.  You gotta let the kid be himself.

Now I get that right now is not the time for PK to kick up any dust.  Keep your head down and get to work.  But was it really necessary to tell the media the celebration was banned?  Just tell him to keep a low profile for a while.  Or tell him he can only do it after 3 wins in a row.

In other news, coach Therrien has also banned all kosher products from the Bell Center but has decided to wear a yamaka for home games.  The Jewish community has no idea what to make of this.

I am officially protesting this decision.


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Therrien is the Grinch who Stole the Triple Low Five. You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

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i don't think its a story. subban needs to be wrangled in a bit. this is a perfect storm. watch the habs finish 5th and win the cup this year. mark my words.