Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This shit just got real.

I've always been more of a glass half empty kind of guy the last few seasons.  God knows this team has given me enough reason not to believe.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even believe in the glass.  It was more of a puddle of water on the floor.  But that was the old me.  The new me is starting to see some changes.

The Habs have grown.  They've matured.  And they have hair where there was no hair before.  And that place is their balls.  Their huge sweaty balls.

They've found ways to win every kind of game. The ones they dominate, the ones they're outplayed in, the ones with dropped leads, the 2nd of a back to back.  Whatever you throw at them, they figure out.  But let's not get delusional.  Are they gonna finish first in the east?  Unlikely.  But they're there now and that's good enough for me.  At the very least, they'll be the team nobody wants to face in the playoffs, something they haven't been in a while.  The Bell Center used to be the place other teams would love to come.  They would feed off our (the fans) energy.  No more.  Our boys play angry.  They defend each other and their house.  They drop the gloves.

Tonight, they walked right into the world's most famous arena and took what was theirs.  2 points to put them on top of the eastern conference.  Granted Boston has 12 games in hand, but they have to win those, and until they do, weez in first mothafuckas.  They were slow out of the gate, but like any good road team, they stayed close enough.  Pacioretty scored his first (actual) goal, Galchenyuk finished a great play by Eller and Prust and Diaz scored from 185 feet away.  Carey was, well, Carey.  Add all that up and you get a 5th win in a row.

Let's sit back and enjoy the ride.  There will definitely be bumps along the way, so we should enjoy the view from the penthouse while we have it.  And who knows, maybe we don't get evicted.

TLF mothafuckas.

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