Monday, March 4, 2013

Habs leapfrog Bruins, shit on Julien's face in the process

Well that was unexpected.   Not only did the Habs stroll into Boston and beat the big bad Bruins,  but they did it with Ned Flanders' biggest fan in nets.   In  yet another Michel Therrien stroke of genius,  the Habs stood on the shoulders of Budaj and rallied in the 3rd to steal 2 pts. 

I gotta admit,  when I heard he was starting the backup,  I was a little perplexed.   With a long road trip barely started,  there will be plenty of opportunities to rest Price,  whether it be in Long Island or Carolina.  Who rests their #1 goalie against the top team in the east??   I'll tell you who,  Michel Therrien.   Or as I will refer to him from now on,  Mr. T.  I pity the fool who doubts my goalie choice.  

So until further notice,  Mr. T gets my unwavering support. 

Now let's discuss Claude Julien's panties, because they are clearly in a bunch.   Who the hell is he to complain about embellishment? Did I miss something when Ference went down like he got shot when Eller massaged his lumbar area? That is what we PK'ists call "de la merde de toro".  So Claude,  kiss our red white and blue ass. 

As for the on ice performance,  you gotta give credit to Desharnais for finding a way to get out of his slump.   He's finally starting to look like what we got used to last year.   Pacioretty is clearly back and what can we say about 11.  This kid is what I like to call "the shit".  What a little warrior.   No fear,  no excuses.   He reminds me of my kid in that he has 2 speeds:  sleeping and full throttle.   Up by one or down by 4, he plays the same way.   That is bound to rub off on the others.   Especially the guy who took his number. 

TLF mofos! 


soperman said...

It was the type of game we have to play against those broons and the Phucktards.

Stinky said...

Julien and his tainted Cup can go fuck himself.