Monday, March 11, 2013

Haters, please take your thoughts on PK and insert them into your rectums, before he shoves his size 13 skate in there

Don't look now, but PK Subban is co-leading the league in goals by a defenseman and has 18 points in 20 games played.  After missing the first 6 games with a dislocated brain, PK came to his senses and signed his bridge contract.  2 years, 5.75M  At first glance, it may seem like the Habs got the better deal.  Right now, he sure is playing like a 5 million dollar blueliner.  Sharing the league lead in goals and 8 points back of Letang for total points.  You know Kris Letang, right?  The guy that passes the puck to Crosby and watches the points pile up.  And did I mention he skipped the mini training camp and the first 6 games of the year?  His play has progressed from pretty good to pretty fucking good.  We always knew he could shoot, but now he's hitting the net.  We always knew he could agitate, but now he's picking his moments.  We always knew he could hit, but now he's, errrr, hitting.  8 points in his last 5 games.  23 years old.  Charismatic.  Media Savvy.  Healthy.  Million dollar smile.  And incredibly racist.  Just kidding.  He loves the white folk.  All kidding aside, he drove us crazy for a while, but all you morons who thought this team was better off without him, this is the part where you look in the mirror and punch yourselves in the face.  After Diaz got off to that great start, some non believers thought PK was expendable.  Well now Diaz went down and the team hasn't missed a beat, courtesy of a certain Pernell Karl.  Right now, at this moment, I'm not sure if I'd trade him for any one defenseman one on one.  Considering age, current salary and up side, #76 is #1.

So clearly he wasn't crazy to think he was worth more.  But here's the catch.  If he keeps this up, and we all know he can, the Habs are gonna wish they signed him to a 5 year $25M deal.  This kid is going to the Olympics.  He's going to be in the conversation for the Norris more often than not during the prime years of his career.  He's going to ask for 3.4 trillion dollars a year.  And Marc "Rainbow Socks" Bergevin is gonna borrow from the Chinese and give it to him.  PK is gonna have one big ass black wallet.

As for last night, 3 assists, 5 shots on net, +2, 24:42 on the ice.  Any questions?  Didn't think so.

So let's put this entire contract dispute behind us once and for all.  The kid showed up late, but more than made up for it since then.  He's worked hard, been a great teammate and said all the right things.  Anybody who still thinks this kid is overrated ain't watching the same games I am.

TLF to all my peeps.


Anonymous said...

what shall we see first? another cup for habs or another Italian pope?

Anonymous said...

long live Rainbow Socks! From now on, I'm going to say that every time I mention MB

Anonymous said...

He has really matured and improved with the accuracy he can put the puck on the net...How many times last year did he send a howitzer blast wide or high of the net? This year he is using the wrist shot more effectively and picking his moments to release that HULK style slapper. I also enjoy replaying that YouTube clip of him crushing Marchand in 2010, that alone would should have given him a 5 million per year salary...Enjoy