Thursday, April 18, 2013

But on the bright side...

There is no bright side.  It's all feces.  Feces as far as the eye can see I tell you.

Habs lost again last night.  For the 3rd game in a row they not only lost but found themselves down by 4 goals at some time in the game.  Even Mr. Consistent Brendan Gallagher had a bad night with his out of character bad penalties.  Thank god for his immense gonads or I'd be worried about him too.  It's safe to say the wheels have fallen off.  Scratch that, the wheels have been blown to smithereens.  We need new wheels now.  I still believe they'll turn this thing around in time for the playoffs.  They could not have possibly become this bad just because Emelin went down.  They'll regroup and be ready.  The guy I feel most badly for is Carey Price.  All the guy wanted was a night off.  Instead his team stinks it up so bad that the coach has no choice but to throw him back in there.  And to make things even worse, he gets the loss!!

So to recap, there is no bright side.  It's all caca.  For now.

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Steve said...

There was a nuclear sunsplash of hope you missed with your hands over your eyes. #27 scored a whale of a goal, a portent of great things to come, maybe even as soon as the first round.