Thursday, April 18, 2013

No pressure boys, but if you lose again, we're all gonna kill ourselves.

The following is a depiction of the kind of pressure this team is under.  You see the huge ass in a sumo diaper?  That's the city.  Big, heavy, and reeks of Thai food.  You see those poor bastards it's crushing?  Those are the Habs.  They can't breathe.  Nothing they do is good enough.  The more they fight to escape, the more they sink.

After 42 games of a 48 game schedule, they're tied for first with a team many people picked to come out of the east when the season started.  But because they overachieved since the beginning of the year, they're officially underachieving since they lost 3 straight.  How dare they.  We are entitled to a first place finish Tabarnac.

They have a good chance of busting out of this funk tonight, but they'll have to contain some of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the league.  Stamkos is gonna want to catch Ovie for the Rocket Richard trophy and St. Louis always seems to do well here.  So here's hoping they win.  If not, I'll be in my car.  With the windows open.  In the garage.  While the engine is running.


Steve said...

most modern cars do not produce CO2 in the concentration required to kill you.

soperman said...

So I will have to park my 90's era pickup not my 2013 Elantra in the garage. Helpful info.