Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who the fuck is Jacques Beauchamps and why don't I have his award?

A few things happened since we last spoke.  The Habs finally won a game with a "not so convincing but better than a loss" win Vs Tampa on Thursday.  Galchenyuck continued to show that Brendan Gallagher's balls are not the only rookie testicles worth writing about, captain Gionta popped in 2 goals and Carey made love to his posts after they bailed him out in the first period.

Then, some fucked up shit happened in Boston when 2 nutjobs got into a firefight with the cops after they identified them as suspects in the Marathon bombings.  One of them is now a corpse and the other better start talking if he doesn't want to be locked in a room with Zdeno Chara.

Then, Brandon Prust won the Jacques Beauchamps award for the unsung hero of the season.  Don't get me wrong, I think Prusty deserves any award he can get, but I'm not sure he was unsung this year.  Everybody and their mother knew what this guy meant to the team both on and off the ice.  I consider him to be the main reason the 2 Gally kids got off to that start while playing by his side.  Gallagher definitely learned a thing or two from Mr. Prust.  That being said, I probably would've given it to Bouillon for picking up the slack of injured defensmen and babysitting the revolving door of rookies the coach paired him up with.  Or perhaps Peter Budaj who's performances vs the Bruins gave the Habs a boost they desperately needed.  In any case, all three deserve a night at Super Sex at the expense of their teammates.

Tonight the Habs play their final home game of the regular season.  Win or lose, this team deserves a nice round of applause at the end.  After a horror movie of a season last year, they really pulled a 180 and became a contender in the east.  Everybody deserves credit for that, me in particular.  I sit in front of my computer every day trying to come up with some clever shit about them to entertain you people.  And what do I get for it?  A big bag o' nothin'.  Where's my Jacques Beauchamps award?  Motherfucker.

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