Friday, November 29, 2013

PK Friday. Get it?

It's Game day for the Habs on this Black Friday.   Or as PK calls it,  Friday.  Habs roll into DC for a 2nd straight weekend and try to make Ovie their bitch.   Although he scored a pair last week,  the Habs won,  so I get to call him a bitch from my couch as he dominates games he loses.   Peter Budaj gets the call again.  He's been lights out this year and with the big Leafs game tomorrow night,  it only makes sense to have Carey well rested for that. Not expecting any roster changes.   Even Rob Ford in a cracked up drunken stuper wouldn't mess with this lineup.

By winning the next two games,  I'm comfortable calling the Habs an upper echelon team in the east?  Why you ask?  Because I like saying echelon.  They'd also prove that they could beat anyone when playing well.   Anyone except Boston since the NHL decided to not have the Habs play the Bruins this year.   Haven't you heard?  The genius schedule makers decided that since the Habs and Bruins have played over a quarter of their games without facing eachother,  they might as well finish off the year like that.   Douchebags.

So if you're American,  enjoy the day off and the game.   If you're Canadian,  enjoy being able to get a heart attack and not have to declare bankruptcy to survive.

A-Rab,  out.


Steve said...

welcome back, I heard the bandwidth smile late in the week

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Welcome back! I'm very happy to know this update.