Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Habs leave Pierre at the altar, marry Bergevin.

All indications point to Marc Bergevin becoming the next unhappiest man in sports. It is expected that the Montreal Canadiens will announce that he will be named the General Manager later today. It came down to him and eternal Bride's maid Pierre Maguire.

Personally, I would've loved to see Pierre get his shot. Not just because I truly believe he knows more about Hockey players than anyone else, but because I just want to stop wondering what it would be like to have him run this team.

But let's not shit all over the Bergevin parade. I'm actually thrilled that the team went way out of the box and picked someone that has no past affiliation with the organization. He's held all kinds of positions from director of player personnel to head scout. He knows hockey. He speaks french (although so did Pierre). He likes strippers. He'll fit right in.

Lord knows he has a ton of work to do. We're already hearing grumblings that Scott Gomez will be bought out and there are still lots of holes to fill. So let's get behind him for the next few months. God knows we'll have plenty of time to second guess his every move after he picks 3rd in the draft.

Bonne chance Marc. Si tu ne nous amènes pas une coupe, tu seras crucifié au coin de Ste-Catherine et Peel.


juce said...

Things are looking up.

Rider said...

You guya back finally awesome I <3 U

Public Domain said...

imagine the kerfuffle if the Stars win the cup next year

apparently any team can

dwgs said...

Where's the angry anti-Therrien rant?