Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More thoughts on the New Coach

It's been 24 hours. I've watched a full season of 24 since we last spoke and now have a fresh new take on the situation.

Millions of people will die if Bergevin doesn't reverse his decision, disarm the nuclear warheads, assassinate Tarakamov the obscure Lithuanian President, destroy the virus, escape from a Mexican war lord's cave and boogie with the President of the United States to the sounds of Diana Ross by 2pm today.


Also, there is a huge component to the Therrien hiring: knowledge. Therrien has been watching the Habs for a year through his vantage point at RDS. He has seen things from afar. Crawford doesn't have that perspective, which of course didn't disqualify him, but still, he didn't spend a year dissecting every period this team played.

That's an enormous advantage and you can imagine it translated into a far more detailed interview when Therrien entered Bergevin's office. I would even think that Therrien is more knowledeable than Bergevin on what ails the team. That has to reassure a young GM with no experience.

I'm thinking that had I been in Bergevin's shoes, I would have done the same. And I would have done everything in my power to fly back to North Korea to steal the nuclear codes from that evil empire.

All in a day's work.


Steve said...

Draft, do I feel a draft special in the wind?

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Stinky said...

I really wish you had something to say about all the stuff that's been happening. I miss you!