Friday, May 16, 2014

Milan Lucic Cleans Out Locker, Refuses to Apologize and Has Another Drink

What can we say, Milan, you had a chance to redeem yourself and may Shawshank proud.

Heck with a heartfelt apology even I would have said "yeah, I guess you could say I liked Milan Lucic from the very beginning...".

In the end, it changes nothing: if he chooses to pose as a relentless winner to justify his being a tasteless loser then so be it. He will go down as a player who wins and loses with a serious deficiency in savoir vivre and that's his cross to bear. Milan Lucic will not hold a candle to many other players, better players, more dignified, and less talented ones, more polished, more aware of the importance of integrity and dignity. Maybe wrapping yourself around Boston Strong could serve as an explanation for some of the passion on the ice. I for one can live very well with the chest pump. It's a goal for crying out loud: just celebrate it and own it.

But that handshake is not Boston. I was there for Game 2 and I can't begin to tell you how many people stopped me on the street, total strangers, trying to reassure me that the racist idiots that had taken to Twitter after Game 1 in no way represented the city of Boston.

I know, Boston, I know.

Congratulations to both cities for a hell of a series.

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Steve said...

I will comment because that seems what I was born to do. I just hope that when Justin becomes PM he will monetize this life.

We are on the verge of making real history. Winning the Stanley Cup is real history anything less is just why bother.

So for the first time in decades, decades you PKist have some understanding of time we are a team that can move the line of history forward with class. Class mother fucker is not something you can buy, its a enduring tradition if if you have less than a half century do not apply,.