Thursday, May 9, 2013


It's time to set a curse on all things Walrus.

Half the team is missing folks. We've got nothing left.

We like this theme.

Just do this.


Steve said...

What is art, what is culture, what is the meaning of life, I do not know how to define these things, but I know them when I experience them, the Montreal Canadiens are such an experience.

Have a great summer PK'st, I wish I had not been correct but in any event the my boycott of Dons Cherries like the season has ended.

newkidneyontheblock said...

See what happens when you have a site called peekisseds!!!All the Anglophones think itsa separatist site and boycott it>Damn,too bad cuz it*s funny and all.P.S.notwithstanding Steve,cuz he visits EVERY site on the interwebs!!!!!11!!!

winning conditions said...

oooh... you might hafta post! #subbanleaks