Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Landmark Deal Signed as the NHL Renews Blogging Licence with PK'ISTS

The PK'ISTS and the NHL are proud to announce a groundbreaking deal that sees the PK'ists blogging rights which expired at the end of the 2012-2013 season renewed after furious negotiations.

Under the terms of this new landmark agreement, the PK'ists, who under the old agreement generated no income, will continue to get nothing.

As news of this shattering deal broke, PK'ist bloggers immediately voiced their relief.

"We were completely broke under the old contact, said Don's Cherries. This deal guarantees that nothing will change. We still have no money. Nothing. It's great."

"I couldn't wait to begin writing again for free, says HF4. I mean so much had happened. The Habs were eliminated, PK won the Norris. I mean for the love of Christ it's a blog dedicated to PK Subban and we couldn't write a single word about it. Now we can resume sharing our thoughts with millions of hockey fans  our mothers, and earn nothing for it. Not a penny."

The PK'sist writing schedule resumes today, right after our bloggers come back from their weekly visit to Employment Canada.

Hallelujah. Light your first light on the Menorah and consider this your first gift of the holidays: We're back and as broke as ever.


Stinky said...

Thanks for coming back. I missed you. GYFHG!

Anonymous said...

Now that the TSN/PK'ist bloggers no longer have a contract here, how can they go on still making no money?