Sunday, February 10, 2013

Habs put the Turd in Saturday

There are few words that could be used to describe what took place Saturday night at the Bell Center.  Here are a few examples.

Garbage: As in the show they put on for their fans was pure Garbage.

Lazy: As in the defensive coverage was lazier than a one legged hooker.

Vaginal: As in our net presence was vaginal.

Putrid: As in our team execution and finish was putrid.

And finally, Turd.  As in the effort put forward was reminiscent of a floating Turd in a stagnant pool of urine infused toilet water.

Is it me or should a professional hockey team not need any help getting all riled up for a Hockey Night in Canada home game against their hated rival?  What the fuck was that?  It took less than a minute and it was already over.  And to make things worse, I was not only in attendance, but sitting on row FF.  FF as in Fucking Fuckerson was that a stinker.  There will always be a few games like that during the season.  But at home?  Against the Leafs?  After they beat us in our opener?  Knowing they could leapfrog us in the standings? Against the Leafs?  That must have been the first time a team gets 37 shots on net and loses 6-0 at home.  And of those 37 shots on net, maybe 2 were threatening.  Even the fight filled 3rd period didn't make me feel better.  Probably because we lost most of those fights too.  What a hot steaming pile of feces that was.  We didn't even have Komisarek to boo. 

The only part I somewhat enjoyed was when Pacioretty lost his shit after Grabovski bit him.  That wasn't a typo.  That little bitch bit him.  As of this moment, I will focus all my energy on hoping Grabovski gets eaten by a bear.  He is by far the 2nd most hated person in my universe.  # 1 goes to a special lady.  The new chick who MCs the games.  She is the worst human being walking this earth.  I want to kill her with my bare hands.

This is what happens when you ban the triple low 5.


Moey said...

I concur. That was a disgrace,

Steve said...

this year is over, thank GFSM for the strike.

Don's Cherries said...

Steve, if they make the playoffs I never want to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

aptly put

Steve said...

you wont

Angry Habs Fan said...

On the plus side, the lightning are not as good as the standings say, Florida has Kovy, and Philly has been awful. It could be a good week. I hope Gally never attempts to fight again, that was rough to watch haha

DarthAlexander said...

Best game review ever.