Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok Seriously Was That Really Necessary

Let me make it perfectly clear. 2-goal leads in the third period are the equivalent of say, I dunno, jail breaking in the middle of the night when all the guards are encased in that carbon shit Han Solo was trapped in for 4 hours. It's a good head start.

Now unless those jail guards come out of the Solo freeze and freaking warp speed to nab your jail breaking ass, you better bag those 2 points proper. That's a blown lead that would make a South African prosecution team proud.

And to concede the game to the Islanders. Where was your islander pride last night, Montreal. You missed a glorious opportunity to assert our claim as the better island. Now people will think our island is the lesser island.

So revenge of the island comes tonight as we can take on the island of Manhattan and shame it to no end.

Don't blame Carey Price for this loss. Don't blame the coach. Don't blame Daniel Day-Lewis for convincing me after having seen Lincoln that he could play the part of calculus in a movie about algebra. Blame Juha Lind who continues to find ways to curse this team.

The good Montreal Canadiens need to learn how to become the great Montreal Canadiens and these numerous collapses, dating back to last year, speak to a fragility that will dissipate with every new win. But when they believe in themselves a tad too much we've seen that cross into arrogance and complacency. That leads them to ease off the gas and voilà, blown leads galore. Believing in yourself doesn't mean the win will come to you. It means you believe you can make the win come to you. You don't stop doing everything that got you to the brink of victory and hope you can bank on a carryover effect. Despite what Juha Lind may believe.

So boys, recognize your talent, use it wisely, seize the opportunity of the carbon freeze and bag the points YOU put within reach.

Avenge the Island for the love of all that is good and sacred and spelled in Italian culinary verbiage.


Freakin Juha Lind...

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