Sunday, February 24, 2013

Habs win again, shoving it right up Tortellini's ass.

That felt goooooooood.  After our win in New York earlier this week, The Ranger's bench boss thought it appropriate to lump the Habs' performance in with his team's putrid showing.  We beat his team in their own rink, took their fans out of it and he thought the best defense was : "I know you are but what am I"?  What are you?  You're 9th place motherfucker.  You're the most underachieving team this season. You're a yeast infection.  Booya.

So for good measure, we thumped you 3-0.  Happy now?  Prick.  Take it like a man when you get spanked.

Now on to more important things.  Michel Therrien once again waved his magic wand and pulled out line combinations right out of his rectum.  Last night, with Bourque out with the flu and Gallagher back in, we saw Eller-Galchenyuck-Cole take over in the 2nd period.  Cole started it off with a lucky one and then Eller and Galchenyuck went to work on a pretty little number.  Although the Islander fumble wasn't all on Carey, You felt he had a little something extra to prove.  He stood tall and once again made it all look so easy.

So now the tough part.  8 of the next 10 on the road.  Safe to say that the next 10 games will determine who this team is.  They're either gonna contend for the division, or slip back down to 6-8th place.  After seeing the performances of the last few games, it's hard to imagine this team falling off.  Seems like someone different steps up every game.  The first 5 games were the 4th line and the kids.  The Gionta, Pleky and Bourque took over.  Now Pacioretty is back to his old self.  The second one line starts to fade, another one picks up the slack.  Signs of a great team or simply a lucky run?  Who the hell knows.  The only thing I know is that Django better win best picture.

TLF right in Torts' face bizzatch.


soperman said...

How high did Pacioretty jump? He didn't jump Motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

i'm blaming that one on the fucker behind Therrien sporting his $400 #69 habs jersey