Sunday, February 17, 2013

Habs win game but lose Gallagher, but take over first, but lose Pacioretty.

You thought last post was bipolar?  Now I'm really not sure what to do with myself.  After a nice home win vs Philly, I usually call my favorite transvestite hooker and have a cocaine party with her/him.  But this one feels a little hollow.  Sure we took over first place.  Sure Budaj showed he can still win a game once in a while.  But we may have lost 2 key pieces.  Both Gallagher and Pacioretty went down with upper body injuries.  Gallagher's looked like it might be a concussion, or a shoulder. Pacioretty collided with the net faster than a paraplegic grandmother running at full speed, so I'm not really sure what happened there.

In any case, they pulled off a win versus a team that, although is struggling  is capable of beating any team on any given night.  The line juggling payed off and ice time for the Dmen was balanced with PK inching his way towards the 22-23 minutes he should be getting.  All in all, a solid game to cap off a perfect week where the Habs didn't play their best.  And this week was important to bank a few points.  They play 4 tough games in 6 nights against the Hurricanes Isles and Rangers and this perfect week might seem like a distant memory.  Or they can win 3 out of 4.  But they might also fall out of playoff contention.  Unless of course they sweep.  But that will be tough if Gallagher and Pacioretty are dead.  But they might just be day-to-day.  Unless they have the Ebola virus.

TLF bitches.  (That means Triple-Low-Five, and it's how I will be signing off from now on)

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