Friday, February 8, 2013

Ryan White Doesn't Enjoy 4-2 Leads or Discipline,..or Coaches

Third time may well land you in Hab jail, or Hamilton, or in a small 2-bedroom in Vaudreuil.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, why must you make it so hard on Michel.

I can imagine the email exchange between the two:

Hey coach, what can I say, stoopid penalty again. Lol! I'll be careful next time. See you on Saturday, hope I can make it into the starting lineup. lol!


If I could chew out your kidneys I would. Your ears are so sof Ryan. I never see ears sof like this.

And there you have it.

Another loss delivered in part by Whitey.

Of course blowing the whistle after 4 hours of goalmouth scrambling could also have been an option but hey, what do I know.

I do know this. 95% percent of the hockey the Habs have played in 10 games this season has been more than good.

When Price is in the nets things usually go extremely well.

No panic. Weird losses. Stubborn young forward. Rookies still amazing to watch. PK being PK.

All is well that ends well. Not you, Ryan.

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