Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boredom Incarnate

Man it's gonna be a terrible week.

We've got nothing to say. Nowhere to go.

Thursday night - we'll all be wishing for the Thursdays of old. Cheers, Cosby Show, Night Court. What a lineup that was.

Is there a Diane Sawyer news special on Thursday?

We joke.

It's on.

Habs are division champs. We don't care. We don't do division banners. We don't do conference banners. We don't celebrate the uncelebratable. That's not a word, I know.

Habs-Sens. Never meant as much as it does today. Never. The pairing takes on a whole new dimension. And there are many dimensions to contemplate.

And so we begin tomorrow. Our march of the Sens begins.

We'll see you tomorrow. Grab us a coffee if you get here first.

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