Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Ro....fall off

Come on now!

You've got the 2 points bagged. In a bag. You deposited 2 points in a bag. A plastic bag, with the twizzly ties. They are in a bag and ready to be transported on the plane.

Or you had the points in a duffle bag and you zipped it up ready to be loaded.

A paper bag with 2 points in it. Awesome, the points fit snuggly in there. They look happy.

2 points you worked not so hard to get - but you got them anyways. In your hands. Done deal. And then you put them in a bag and you can take that bag with you to do what you wish with it.

And what do you do?

You emptied the bag, turned it upside down and let the points spill out.

Opportunity wasted. These are peculiar points because once they're out of the bag you can never put them back in. They are uni-directional points. The bag doesn't accept repeat deposits.

But you knew that, and you took them out of the bag anyway. Really, why would you do that.

All I've got for you is the bag analogy. I want to remain in Metaphoria right now. Speaking about things literally, at this point I have no desire for this. Like I had no desire to watch the bewildered crew in red last night back themselves into a corner.

8th loss in regulation. Chill pills are on the counter ready to be washed down with some soda.

After the Habs beat the Boeings tonight.

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Stinky said...

Brilliant. You know you guys make my day, right?