Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Habs have 14% chance of winning the Cup.

So let's get real, it's 2:15 pm and there are absolutely no signs Rainbow Socks is gonna make a significant move.  And why should he?  Don't forget, he's in this for the long haul.  His goal is to keep the team competitive for as along as possible and the Habs are not 1 player away from being Stanley Cup favorites.  They are just as likely to win it with what they've got than with goalless Ryane Clowe.  So why give up your picks for a 3rd liner UFA?  I'd roll the dice with our line up (+ Bourque and Diaz hopefully) and either pile up our young talent or trade those picks at the draft for a better pick or a player under contract.

Pittsburgh was already the runaway favorite to win the east.  Nothing new there.  They lost Sid for the rest of the season but they have a big enough lead to probably coast to the #1 seed and he'll be back for the playoffs.  No matter what move Bergevin makes, he'll never be favored to beat the Pens (on paper of course).

Boston made a move for Yaga but they just lost Bergeron.  They've been struggling lately and if you're Bergevin, you know you can beat them with what you have.

The Habs have kept winning despite Bourque and Diaz going down.  Overpaying for a rental player makes no sense at this point.  He's playing with house money so why mortgage the future to increase your chances of winning by 2%?  If you're wondering how I got to 2%, here it is in layman's terms.  Yes, you're the layman.

First, I established the chances of the Habs winning it all at 14%, then, I figured that if they trade 2 of the 3 2nd rounders for a roster player, that will go up to 16%.  How did I get to those numbers?  I put on a plastic glove and dipped my hand in KY jelly.  Then, I inserted my index finger and thumb directly in my rectum.  In one swift move, I pulled out the number 14 right out of my ass.  I followed that up by adding the number 2 to it.  Voilà.  16% Science at it's best.  I should be a teacher.

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winning conditions said...

ouch - I think I'll stick with "new" math & goat entrails.

otherwise, right on, and yay to Bergevin