Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am Scared of the Capitals - but I knew that

You knew the Habs would be in trouble against the on a mission Caps.

You knew Ovie would remind us that he can be the best in the world when he's not in full party mania.

You knew the Caps could look like a contender if their sum was equal to the greater sum of their parts, 'n shit.

This is what the NHL is all about. Catch a wave late in the season and ride the momentum into the playoffs. Are the Capitals contenders to the throne?  Pretenders? Middle of the Road? You dig?

You also knew that the Habs wouldn't let Eau de Vie run away with it. Even after Washington's back breaking third goal in the third period you knew the Habs would rally. Or at the very least give it all they had before conceding the points.

You knew all of this. So why did you watch the game? Think of what you could have accomplished in three hours.  A Godfather, a game of Battleship with a two-year old, the introduction of any Fidel Castro speech. Put up the blinds, change the batteries to that garage door opener, buy a garage door opener. Read Camus.

You could have been reading fucking Camus.

But no - you had to watch what you knew would happen.

Assholes. All of us.

I'm an asshole.


newkidneyontheblock said...

Don*t be so hard on yourself.....unless you are a laffs fan.If you are a closet laff fan,then may I suggest you do unspeakable things that laff fans do to themselves!!!

Stinky said...

Hello? Anybody out there? There's a Leafs game tonight and still nothing??!!