Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here's what we learned last night.

You hear that?  That's the sound of all the doubters doubting themselves.  The Habs pulled off something not many people thought they could last night.  Beating the Leafs was always a possibility.  But smacking them down, grossly outshooting them and not backing down 1 inch when they got in our faces, was not anticipated at all.

Looking forward to the playoffs, we find ourselves waiting to find out which Canadian rival we will face.  The Leafs, who everyone was scared of facing don't seem to be so big and bad anymore.  The Sens are trying to find themselves with the return of their Norris trophy winner.  Personally, I don't know who we should want to play.  The reason I'm leaning towards the Sens is that we might as well win the division and secure home ice for as long as possible, but when it comes to the first round, who knows.

But let's get back to the grade A asswhipping our boys laid on those Leafs.  Outshot 28-17, outscored 4-1.  And in a "statement game" that could very well serve as a playoff preview, they reminded the Buds that they are the better team that will not get pushed around.  Specifically, a few players deserve honorable mention.

1) Lars Eller.  Remember when that looked like a horrible trade?  No more.  The kid has finally blossomed into what I like to call, the shit.  He is now the shit.  He's big, he's fast and he's got soft hands.  And that my friends, is what we call, the shit.

2) Brendan Gallagher and his balls of steal.  In his final chance to convince the voters that he is Calder worthy, the kid morphed into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  And trust me, you don't fuck with a mutant turtle.

3) Andrei Markov.  Aside from 2 shitty penalties, the old bastard showed he's still got gas in the tank with a 2 point night. He proved he didn't need the rest many thought he did.

So tonight, we'll all be watching and hoping.  Hoping for what? Fuck if I know.


soperman said...

Great summary. Everything from now on in gray. And that second seed is really important. It will mean home ice advantage in the second round.


newkidneyontheblock said...

Hey *p*May I call you p?I have two nits to pick.First,are gally*s balls stealing the calder?And two,if I were me and I am,I would just make soup out of these Turtles you speak of.That is all,carry on my good man. nyatbra