Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let them eat Canes. Habs beat Hurricanes while PK and Gally make moves for Norris and Calder trophies.

How spoiled am I.  The Habs won for the 23rd time in 35 games.  That's a .657 winning percentage.  Yet I was slightly bored with the game last night.  As my servant fed me grapes and fanned me with peacock feathers, I found myself hoping the game would end faster so I could watch storage wars.  It was a bit of a snoozer if you ask me, but the result is what counts.  Chalk up another win for the Habs.  It's like saying: Thanks for the diamond crown.  Throw it on top of my pile of money and get the fuck out of here.

Nevertheless, the Habs stayed perfect against the Southeast garbage division.  By beating the Hurricanes  they are now 10-0 versus that putrid division.  Now since the readers of this blog are hockey connoisseurs,  I'm not gonna waste your time with analysis of the game.  You saw it.  You know who won.  You know who played well.  What you may not have noticed is that our man PK now shares the lead in scoring among NHL defensemen and our boy wonder Gally is 4 points back of the rookie scoring race.  Let's start with PK.

If after all this guy has done, if you still don't think he's an elite defenseman worthy of a Norris nomination, I'm sorry to inform you that you very well may be a racist.  This guy skipped training camp, and went to live with his parents.  He literally woke up off his parent's couch, tied his skates and DOMINATED the NHL.  Who the hell does that?  28 points in 29 games.  Take a guess at who's got 27 points.  Ilya Fucking Kovalchuck, that's who.  Mr. $100M.  So if leading the league in scoring and being an electrifying player is not enough to be nominated for this trophy, then change its name to the Yandle trophy.  Given to a pretty good defenseman that nobody cares about. And enough with the bullshit that he doesn't play enough minutes.  He's piling up all these points playing 3-4 minutes less than Suter.  How does that not make it even more impressive?  And he's doing it in the most competitive division in the league.  Plus, he hits like a motherfucker while getting booed in every building outside the 514. Give him the fucking trophy now you bastards.

And what can I say about Mr. Gallagher.  Everyone knows how I feel about him and his testicles.  They grew another couple of pounds yesterday with another solid effort.  I might as well stop calling his games a solid effort.  It's not an effort.  It's Gally playing hockey.  It's the only way he knows how.  He too is now in the conversation for a major award.  Nipping at the heels of Huberdeau for the league lead in rookie scoring.  The only difference is he plays 3.5 minutes less per game and happens to be a plus player. He also does all this with 2 grapefruits in his jock.  Incredibly uncomfortable.

So the Habs fly to Philly later today to take on the Flyers.  They are still hanging around the playoff picture so they'll be ready to go.  No doubt the Habs will be too.  Except Kaberle.

TripleLowFive to all and to all a good night.

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