Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gallagher's balls reach new high, create twitter account and already have 199 followers. And Habs Shutout Rangers.

So I was gonna sing the praises once again of Mr. Gallagher's huge sack but apparently, his balls don't need me anymore.  They're going solo.  @GallyGonads is the official twitter account of the hottest celebrities in town.  The balls of one Brendan Gallagher.  The fucking balls have more followers than me.  Here they are now getting a breather during a game.

As for Saturday night, things didn't take long to get started when Michael Ryder scored 40 something seconds into the game.  That goal was a synopsis of the evening.  The Rangers looked like a deer in the headlights and nobody seemed to want to touch the puck.  After that, the Pleky blasted one by Biron and Mr. Brass Balls himself closed it out with a typical Gallagher goal 3 feet from the net.  That's the thing about Gally.  He plays the same EVERY game.  Every shift.  Sometimes he scores and sometimes he doesn't, but his ginormous balls are always in your face, suffocating you as you try and breathe.  Add to that a Carey Price on top of his game, and you have yourself a lovely 3-0 win over Torts and his band of Blue Shirts.  It also turned out to be the 4th straight shutout for Carey over the Rangers on Bell Center ice.  In other words, he fucking owns them.

This game also saw the return of Brandon Prust and the NHL debut of Mr. Nathan Bouillon.  At least that's what Cassie Campbell called him.  I'm sure his entire family was thrilled to have that moment ruined when she not only mangled the name, but confused him with another player.  Geez Cassie, it's not like his name was Natanievsky Barishnikov.  But the kid held his own.  17 minutes of ice time, took a couple of hits like a big boy and even got a shot on net.  Hopefully this kid could one day become part of a great 2nd pairing on the powerplay.

And last but not least, PK.  The guy is unstoppable.  3 more assists brings his season point total to 27 in 28 games.  1 point behind the league leaders Suter and Letang.  My money is on him passing them by the end of the year for the lead in goals and points.  He's a fucking point a game defenseman, playing against the other teams top lines, for almost 23 mins a game and leading the league in goals by a dman.  And did I mention he's 1 point back of his team's lead in scoring?  All this with no training camp and 6 missed games.  Something tells me signing him to a 5yr 25M deal would've started looking mighty cheap by now.

Big week coming up with 4 games on the docket.  A playoff spot should be all but clinched by the end of it.

TLF to all my peeps.

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