Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Game for Milos!

This is how I feel right now.

Another game, another win.  I can get used to this!  Our beloved torch holders gave another solid effort last night.  It's interesting to see that we've been able to win games start to finish.  We've dropped 2 goal leads and won in OT and we've dropped 2 goal leads to find ourselves down by one just to come back and win in regulation. Me likey.

Couple of notable things: It was nice to see Bourque & Cole get on the score sheet.  What a shot by René.  He's been playing well all year and it finally went in for him last night.  After seeing that one timer, it makes you wonder why this guy doesn't put up 30 a year.  Carey was good.  A little soft on a couple, but he stood tall in the 3rd when it mattered most.  The refs must have been on crack for giving Prust that diving call.  Granted he went down like a bullet severed his spinal chord but he did get pushed from behind.  And in typical 2013 Habs style, 5'7 Desharnais went nose to euh... chest with 6'6 Antropov.  You gotta love that team spirit.  And last but not least, the Gals came out to play last night.  What a wrister by Gallagher while using the Dman as a screen and Galchenyuk continues to skate hard and create chances.

Therrien has himself a nice little problem trying to figure out how to integrate PK in the mix.  Logic tells you that Kaberle is the odd man out, but it's never easy to mess with a winning lineup.  Hopefully he'll take a puck off the throat and make it easier on everybody.  I kid, I kid.

Back on the ice in Ottawa tonight.  They played last night too so no excuses.  That's what I love the most about lockouts.  When they do come back, we've got 4 games a week!

Oh, and it's my birthday.  35 sucks Gomez balls.

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Steve said...

PK should be in the lineup tonite period.
Eller should be on the PK
period. Other than that carry on team.

Angry Habs Fan said...

Probably won't see PK to the weekend at this point.

Happy Birthday, keep up the good stuff.