Monday, January 28, 2013

Signed at last, signed at last, thank god almighty he is signed at last!

Praise Jesus!  The kid finally smartened up and made millions of Habs fans very Happy.  Not only that but he also assured the survival of this blog for another 2 years!

It was announced just a few hours ago that PK signed for around 5.75M over 2 years.  Basically, the same exact offer that has been on the table all this time.  I have to admit, I was sweating it a bit over the weekend. I even made a bet with HF4 that it wouldn't get done.  So now we have ourselves a team.  I give it 4 games before he and Markov drop the gloves in practice and he demands a trade.  I kid, I kid.  I have a feeling PK just took a huge bite of humble pie.  He was forced to sign a deal he thought he was worth more than and he saw his team flourish without him.  And to top it all off, he comes back to work for a hardass coach that isn't gonna take any shit from him.  PK, you know I love you, but this was the best thing for you.  Now go out there and earn your 7 million per in 2 years.  We'll all be happy to give it to you.  Especially given that it's not our money.

But now, let's give a HUGE pat on the back to Marc Bergevin.  The guy stood his ground.  Didn't move an inch and when several GMs would have caved, he dug in there and came out on top.  What a message this sends to the rest of the team.  Love it!

We here at the PKists have always found a way to get privileged info from negotiations.  We're the wikileaks of the low budget hockey blogs.  So don't ask me how I did it but here is a cable with the negotiations over the last few months between the team and PK.

Bergevin:  PK, you're a huge piece of this team and we want you around for a long time.  But you're just starting out so we think 2 years at 5.75M is a fair deal.  Perform and you'll get the monster contract after.

PK: Donnie says I can get more.  Crosby, Stamkos, Ovechkin, they all got big contracts right after their entry level deals.  I want 6 years at 6 million per.

Bergevin: Nigga please.  Did you just compare yourself to those guys?  They're the top three forwards in the league.  Well maybe not Ovechkin anymore but he was when he signed his deal.  How about 5.75M over 2 years?

PK: That's crazy.  I played 28 mins a game.  I'm calling the NAACP.  How about 6 years at 5M per?

Bergevin:  It's still a bit rich.  I'm thinking more like 5.75 over 2 years.

PK: WTF Marc?  Aren't you gonna negotiate?  I have rights you know.

Bergevin: What rights?  You're a 23 year old turning down over 5 million dollars to play hockey over 2 years.  Call Jesse Jackson for all I care.

Season starts.  Habs Lose 2-1 to the shitty Leafs

PK: Pay up!  You guys can't win without me

Bergevin:  OK PK.  I'll go up to 5.75 M over 2 years.

PK: Motherfucker!  We both know this team is shit without me.  Your powerplay sucked, you can't move the puck, and nobody in that locker room can dance for shit.  You need me.  5 years, 5 million per.

Bergevin: I have a good feeling about Markov.  I think he'll make up for your absence.  He might even score 4 goals in the next 3 games, 3 of which will be game winners, one of them in OT.  I just get that feeling.

PK: That old one legged Russian can't replace me.  He'll never score 4 goals.  Not even all year.  5 years, 4 million.  That's my final offer.  If you don't take it, I'm gonna sign somewhere else.

Bergevin: I gotta go, Californication is starting.  5.75 over 2 years.  Think about it.

Habs go on a tear, win 3 in a row on the back of one Andei Markov

PK: Ok Marc, you made your point.  How about 4 years, 4 million per.

Bergevin:  You know what PK, I actually like the team the way it is.  Everybody seems to be getting along, the team is winning... I'm not sure I wanna screw with that right now.  Let's talk on Valentine's day.

PK: OK OK!!  You win.  5.75 over 2 years.

Bergevin: Who's your daddy PK?

All jokes aside, this kid is the real deal.  If it took this whole episode for him to realize that the NHL is not at his feet just yet, then it was well worth it.  So tear it up PK.  We're all behind you.

You're the man Mr. Bergevin!


Anonymous said...

U didnt dissapoint

Steve said...

MB turnaround artist

soperman said...

Now the TSN and CBC twits can go back to pretending that 1)PK "doesn't know his place", 2) is somehow going to destroy the Habs and 3)is not really that talented.

Welcome back PK, the only way you will have respect from the TO boys is when they think you want to play for them. Once you play for them and can't lift the entire lame-ass franchise on your shoulders, the respect will be gone.

Stay in Montreal, you will be happier.