Monday, January 28, 2013

Habs score 4 on Brodeur, stain his hall of fame career forever.

We all knew it had to eventually all come crashing down.  Martin Brodeur's stellar career has been destroyed.  The 58 shutouts he posted on Bell Center ice have been forgotten.  We won.  We scored 4 times.  The last time he let in 4 goals in Montreal was in his first pee-wee game.  Marty, or as I like to call him, Lucifer, has caused us enough pain.  It was time for him to be put down.  The exorcism had to happen.

Although Lucifer let in 4 goals, it's hard to blame him for his team's loss.  The Habs once again played well.  The goals were pretty much unstoppable.  Nobody likes to see a 2 goal lead evaporate, but as Therrien put it, they beat the defending Eastern Conference champs who had not yet lost a game this season.  Hard to find something to bitch about there.  You gotta love to see a guy like Ryan White, who leads the entire league in PIMs by the way, get his name on the score sheets.  Proving the old adage, crash the net and good things will happen.  The Gals (I'm trademarking that) got into it also with Alex feeding Brandon with a perfect pass that he roofed on Lucifer.  Now there's a story for Gallagher's grand kids.  Prust bats one out of the air and who else but the naturalized Canadian citizen scores in OT.  The guy has 3 game winners in a row.  It's like he went into PK's wallet and stole 6 million dollars.

Seriously, could you have imagined a worse scenario for PK?  The guy holds out because he wants #1 defenseman cash just to watch the actual #1 defenseman tear up the fucking league as he sits on his couch.  4 goals in 4 games, 3 game winners, PP clicking.  That's it PK, just sign the damn deal and get back on the ice to help these guys.  And learn some Russian while you're at it.



sheesh - "getting the bounces", SuperMarkov, lovely Gals AND forechecking..who knew?

there is (ahem) the matter of faceoffs. and the other defenceman

soperman said...

Absolutely correct. It is called a bridge contract. Unless your name is Sidney Crosby you gotta sign one, and even Sidney signed for a little less so they could give Malkin what he deserved. If you really love playing for the CH, then fire Meehan's ass and accept a reasonable contract. Your time will come, and it will only take a couple of years living on that measley $2.9 million or whateva they offer you.

Matt said...

Fuckin Rights!!!!
PFK signs for two years for 5.75M
(2m and 3.75M)