Friday, January 25, 2013

Habs beat Caps. Adam Oats thinking of going on gluten free diet.

Well that was unexpected!  After a solid performance against a, let's face it, flat Panthers team, the Habs came out firing on all cylinders last night.  They made the Caps look tired and unorganized.  Something us Habs fans got to see first hand all of last year.  Everybody did their job.  I'm loving how Therrien is coaching the kids.  He's not throwing Galchenyuck and Gallagher out there at every chance he gets.  He picks his spots and gives them the best chance to succeed.  Perhaps the guy learned a thing or two while coaching a young Sidney Crosby.

But my favorite part about last night, was Prust sticking up for Boullion.  The game was pretty much over at 4-0.  The hit wasn't even that bad.  But he stepped up almost out of principle to say: "Back the fuck up off my guy".  You gotta love that.  Not because of the message it sent to Matt Hendricks, but because of the message it sends to the whole league.  You wanna take liberties with our guys?  Go ahead.  But there's a price to pay.  1st period, 3rd period, up by 4 or down by 1, you're gonna pay.  We haven't seen that here in a loooong time.  This is exactly what Therrien means when he says he wants to run a team that's tough to play against.  This means that the other side is always thinking about the consequences of their actions.  And that messes with their minds, and affects their game.  Clearly this team will go 47-1 this year.

And lost in the last 2 wins is Carey Price.  I say that because the magnifying glass on this goalie is a hell of a lot smaller when he has a 3 goal lead.  He didn't have to be great the last 2 games, but he was anyways.  He's only let in 1 even strength goal this year and it was a meaningless goal to spoil his shutout.

So, to put things in perspective, so far so good.  I know it's only 2 wins, but in this shortened season, 2 wins is like 4 wins.  Next game will be a good test to see if we can exercise the demons of our past.  Brodeur comes to town on Sunday.  If we win, we're off to the races.  If we lose, fire the coach.


dwgs said...

I fear your site may have been hacked by a wild eyed optimist. I come here for the witty snark, dammit.

Matt said...

The game started out slow, but as soon as we got the PP goals, man we took it to them. I particularly loved how RBBQ hustled in and got the puck behind the net and set up Gio with nary a Cap in sight.
Vodkov is sure making the PP hum (man we missed him the last two years)Diaz LEADING the league in points by a D. Vodkov makes everyone look great!
If PFK ever happens to come back, that PP will be deathly scary.
Prust smacking Hendricks out was good to see, teams aren't gonna take liberties with us.


Anonymous said...

fuck why aren't more people reading this shit??? I would like to say you took the words right out of my mouth but in my head it wasn't as funny or witty. keep it up you dick heads! Bravo!