Friday, January 18, 2013

T'was the night before puckdrop

Well, we're finally here.  I feel like a teenage boy about to lose his virginity.  I'm nervous, excited but also a little disappointed that the girl I really wanted (PK) is not the one I'm about to make sweet love to for 2.8 seconds.  That analogy made less and less sense as I wrote it.

Nevertheless, the shortened season is upon us.  Time to put our frustrations aside and enjoy what is left of the season.  Could the Habs have planned it any better?  Just as it's getting bitterly cold and we all want to commit suicide, they show up like the knight in shining armor to talk us off the ledge.  We will finally have something to talk about at the office, at school, in stripclubs, etc..

First team to feel the wrath of our 7-9th place team is Toronto.  We can always count on them to help us feel better about our situation.  If the Habs are going nowhere, then the Leafs have already been there for 7 years.  Despite our underachieving teams, we always get a good show when they come to town.  I still remain hopeful that PK will surprise us all, sign a 6 year 1.2M deal, and make it on the ice for the pregame skate.  Here's hopin'...

So.  Let's get ready for a great season and, god willing, some springtime hockey in a few months.

Go Habs Go!

Sign PK.  Now.  Do it.


Steve said...

Stop mentioning PK you are only encouraging him on his mad quest.


go habs go

glad p'kists back - now need PK back

go habs go

Anonymous said...

well slap my dick hockey is back, and so is your friendly neighborhood anonymous. glad you twats are still writing.