Sunday, January 13, 2013

Go home, Gomez

Well this is interesting.  Are we trading Scott?  Of course not.  There is not enough acid on the  planet to get another GM to take him off our hands.  Are we sending him to Hamilton?  Nope.  Why would we infect another dressing room with his presence.  Are we buying him out?  Wrong again!  Buying him out now would make no sense since the amnesty clause of the new CBA only kicks in after this shortened season.  So the solution?  Go home.  Not only will we pay you in full and have your elephant sized salary on our books all year, but you can sit on your couch from now till April to earn it.  You know a team doesn't want anything to do with you when they would rather pay you to leave them alone.  That's like a guy paying a hooker not to sleep with him.  Here's $500, go away.

Hard to argue with the move. I just thought new management would want to see for themselves what the Alaxican sensation was made of (Ice and black beans apparently).  Supposedly Scott took it well.  No shit!  If my boss called me in tomorrow to tell me he would continue to pay me but he would rather I stay home, I'd be pretty damn psyched about it.  And to top it all off, he will get an handsome buyout at the end of the year to earn his freedom to sign with another team.  And let's get something straight, he will sign.  I know the poor bastard is hated by everyone on this island, but at 1 million a year, i'd take him.

So after this deal was finally reached last week, it was a pretty bitter sweet feeling across the board.  Happy that it's over but annoyed it had to get to this.  I think the owners have the right to dictate their terms.  It is after all their money.  But I did feel for the players after they got "destroyed" after the 2004 lockout.  But let's get something straight.  If there is an owner out there willing to give this guy one penny more than a million bucks a year, I will hunt him down and murder him with my bear hands.

Eat my ass Glen Sather.


Steve said...

He could help the Leafs

DarthAlexander said...

I love having the blog back. Whatever will become of Escott the great?

soperman said...

I am surprised that Nonis didn't try to trade Douchsarek for him.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but feel sorry for they guy. But this article is dead on, you offer me money to stay home I could give two fucks about my pride. I take the cash every time.