Sunday, January 6, 2013

Well well well. Look who decided to take their heads out of their asses.

Holy shit.  They did it.  They saved the season.  Very early Sunday morning, Gary and Donny finally stopped being two little pricks and made a deal.  Now all they have to do is convince their respective sides to sign on the dotted line. So assuming they do (and with their track records, I won't hold my breath), we should be looking at a 48-52 game season starting around Jan 19.

I gotta tell you I'm a little torn.  Obviously I'm happy hockey is back.  The 12 cents a year this blog produces  is essential to my survival.  But even without my financial stake in this, a little part of me was almost hoping to watch the whole thing burn down.  I was so turned off by this mess that I wanted to put the jerseys away and start figuring out the rules of curling.  But, let's focus on the positive.  Saturday nights will get way more interesting (for us married folk) and god willing, some playoff hockey will make this whole thing a distant memory come April.

So enjoy your Sunday and get ready for the Scott Gomez buyout!

Oh and PK better already be in Bergevin's office.

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DarthAlexander said...

I hope to be a good contributor towards that massive 12 cent paycheck.

Great to have you back and looking forward to a lot of great posts.

Hey, maybe Gomez will surprise us all and....yeah, I know, why bother.