Saturday, January 19, 2013

Post game review: We'll let you know if the Habs ever show up

Well that was anti-climactic.  After months and months of waiting, this is the vile show we were given.  2.5 periods of garbage followed by 10 minutes of slightly less horrible garbage.

Bright spots:  4th line

Shit: Our 1st line, discipline, Kaberle, powerplay, No PK (Pernell), Kaberle, trapping when down by 2 goals, Kaberle and also Kaberle.

Things I heard while watching this display:  "Gomez! Gomez!" "We want PK!"  "Is the lockout over?"  "No amount of free beer can undo this"

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, let's regroup.  Yes, that was a sorry excuse for an effort.  It may have been the first game, but it was also the first game for the shitty Leafs and they were on the road.  So enough with that excuse.  They sucked balls.  Big balls.

Two more of these stinkers and PK might as well ask for 14 million a year for 16 years.  Next up are the Panthers and their recently acquired Russian superstar Alex Kovalev.  Who by the way is on pace to score 48 goals this year.


Anonymous said...

How bad is Kaberle? My goodness. he sucks.
Bright spot, Price. Was in form tonite.

DarthAlexander said...

Well that game was a cup of suck ass.

Steve said...

Its never to early to tank. By not signing PFK the intention is clear. Playing Kaberle as a top four makes it clearer. Having no real scoring chances makes it crystal clear. We are tanking this season, so sit back and enjoy the suck.

Matt said...

Why oh fuckin why did The Bull have over 20min of TOI???!!?? AND that includes PP time?????
Lord, help us...

Anonymous said...

After last night, looks like the alcohol budget will have to be exponentially increased
Fuck me

Anonymous said...

Way to mail it in guys.