Thursday, March 1, 2012

Game Preview: Habs vs Wild

How on earth is this game on Hockey Night in Canada? Someone at CBC will surely get canned when they pull in ratings lower than the National Geographic special on the masturbating patterns of lamas.

Also, before we get into the game, it was reported that Alex Ovechkin tipped the scales at 242 pounds earlier this season. That's good for 15th heaviest in the league. WTF?? How many Mr. Big bars did you wolf down while filming those lame-ass commercials??

Now, about the game. When the most important thing about it is the fact that Blake Geoffrion is playing, then you know you're in trouble. Yes, the kid will be the 4th generation to play for this franchise and that's quite an accomplishment, but holy shit are we scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with story lines.

So the moral of the story is: Don't watch it. It's gonna suck. If we lose, it will be boring. If we win, I will throw my TV out the window because we'd be getting further from the top 2 draft picks. It's a no win situation. Much like the Habs season. No win. Get it? Is this thing on?

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Steve said...

It is truly a situation where one can sincerly say, no good outcome, and nobody will have suffered any real damage.