Friday, March 9, 2012

Game Review: Pacioretty scores a pair, Habs screw it up again and win.

Ah well. You can't lose'em all right? Cheer up people, I'm sure things will turn around soon. This team has been losing all year and they're not about to stop now. Keep your chin up.

But instead of focusing on the bad (the win), let's focus on the good. The very good. A year to the day after Chara came within millimeters of paralyzing him, Max Pacioretty scored his 29th and 30th goals of the year. With any luck, he'll get to 35 and solidify his role as our team's best goal scorer. What a story. Remember kids, even if an ugly giant crushes your spine, you can always come back and score 30 goals on a shitty team.

Another bright spot was PK. The kid is turning around what was a disappointing season. If he plays like this for the last 14 games, nobody will remember the first 50. He's calmer, less selfish and way more focused.

Eller scored his 15th. If he gets anywhere near 20, it will make it a lot easier to think that he could be a legitimate 25 goal man that can also be a shut down guy. If he achieves that, nobody will complain about the trade.

In other news, a shocking development in the Markov saga. His progress has hit a snag. When he looked like he was about to return, he came down with the flu. My only hope is that it's bird flu and that he will die soon. Andrei, put us out of our misery. We can't take it anymore. Either leave town forever, or amputate your legs.


Stinky said...

That last paragraph was awesome!

Steve said...

If we can stay at 3rd pick before the lottery, we will get a potential franchise player. His name is Doug Wickenhauser

Public Domain said...

up the ante

Markov - Gomez - Kaberle - Gauthier

triple murder/suicide

wv: Ndespo Tuwase got a hat trick for Ghana last night

Angry Habs Fan said...

Should be a solid L tonight in Vancouver