Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game Review: Habs beat Canucks. This is starting to piss me off.

At first, I thought the win in Edmonton was kind of cute. It was like watching two monkeys play ping pong. You feel guilty for enjoying the show, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

But now, after beating the mighty Canucks, on the road no less, I'm a little pissed. First of all, the win puts us just one point back of the Island Girls, who are more than capable of falling off a cliff and giving us a run for our money for a top 2 pick. Secondly, the return of Markov may have a short term spike in productivity for our impotent powerplay. And #3, Carey Price played some inspired hockey in his home town, which may get him to over achieve in the lat few games.

This is serious people. The season may be almost over, but there is still plenty of time for these morons to climb a few spots in the standings. Not so much because I think they will win more games than they lose, but because the shitty teams around us know how this works and they are going to begin tanking it soon if they see us actually trying to win. Even the fucking Leafs are closer to 15th than they are to 8th. Do they realize that even if they win EVERY game from here till the end, they probably wont make it. I'm serious. You see those 67 teams between us and 8th place? Well they play each other, so it's a guarantee one of them will pick up points in those games. And why the fuck doesn't Markov have swine flu?

Let's try this analogy. The Habs are an unemployed alcoholic. If they stay an unemployed alcoholic, the goverment will continue to send them a check every week and even pay for rehab. But if they get a job, they will make less money than the government checks and have to pay for their own rehab. But they will have pride. Pride?? Are you serious?? That disappeared when they got shut out by the Blue Jackets at home when the games actually still mattered. Trust me, pride is out he window. You stay drunk, you pick up your checks, and you go to the government sponsored rehab center in the summer. This is a no brainer.

And not only do they win, but they do it with such gusto. Like they're trying to rub our faces in it. 2 goals for Cole, PK score another on the PP, Markov is back, and our #1 center wasn't even playing. Do you know how hard it is to be upset at this?? I'm trying to be the mature one here and they're making it impossible.

Hopefully, a Buffalo team that actually has a reason to win will beat the shit out of them. Not on the scoreboard, an actual physical beating, with a chair, or perhaps a lead pipe. Not to inflict permanent damage, but enough for the Habs not to get back up and need stitches...on their scrotums.


Steve said...

agree totaly, there are three potential franchise players, we need one.

Moey said...

They.Just.Can't.Do.Anything,Right. FUCK

Public Domain said...

was at the game with a million other habs fans - we partied like it was 2010 and kicked ass in the cheap seats - glorious

avoided disfigurement by chanting "Bruins suck" on the way out - knocked the wind right out of them - heh