Friday, March 2, 2012

Game Review: Habs blow load in less than 4 minutes. I mean lead.

I can't believe this team keeps finding ways to disappoint me. Make no mistake about it. I want this team to lose. Every. Single. Game. But when they don't lose, i want to see them show flashes of the team they could be in the near future. That's what I saw in the first 55 minutes of this game. Then, without warning, they shat the bed. Scratch that. Shit can somehow be cleaned up. This was some kind of rectal discharge that seeps deep into fabric and can never be removed.

How the hell can you let that happen on home ice. 3 goals in less than 4 minutes?? And then, to make things worse, they win in a shootout. So basically, that whole display was for nothing. Instead of a win we can actually be proud of, we get this. A loss would have at least pushed us in the right direction. We'd be 1 point closer to 29th place. Now we get the 2 points in an embarrassing way. A loss tonight would have made me want to beat the Leafs Saturday, but now we can't risk going on a winning streak. We need to lose to Toronto, even if that means they would inch closer to 8th. We have to keep the faith that they will finish 9th or 10th and we'll stay in the basement. That is the way god intended it.

If anyone was wondering what the difference between Cunneyworth and Martin was, look no further than the way they treat rookies. Blake Geoffrion got 12 minutes of ice in his Bell Center debut. Not only that, but he got on the starting lineup so the fans could acknowledge that he is a 4th generation Hab. Good for Randy for letting the kid have his moment.

Another bright spot to me was Ryan White. God I love how this kid plays like he doesn't give a shit for his own safety. He goes after anybody at any time. With him and Staubitz in the lineup, the Habs are 34% less douchy.

Now get back to the business of losing. Daddy wants an under-performing Russian first round pick!

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Angry Habs Fan said...

"...but now we can't risk going on a winning streak"

Never thought I'd hear those words.