Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Game review: Habs closer than ever to top 2 picks

The boys kept it together and lost last night. It looked like they might screw it up and win but cooler heads prevailed. If we end up 29th by 2 points, we'll all have Carey Price to thank. That brutal giveaway on the Flames 5th goal was pure genius. Like Stephen Hawking genius. Thank god Carey took things into his own hands. With people like Pacioretty and Desharnais actually trying to win, he had to step up.

Unfortunately, Cammalleri had a bad case of the pussy last night. He couldn't play, that's fine, but opted not to speak to the media either. I'm just bitter that Bourque layed another egg last night with zeros across the board and a -2.

If Montreal needs a new slogan to attract tourists and business people to our city, I suggest this: "Montreal, where careers come to die; in french."

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DarthAlexander said...

This reminds me of a story about Cary Grant in a Hitchcock biography (and no, not Ken Hitchcock).

Cary wanted a limo to drive around in when they were location shooting but he didn't want to seen by his lessers as the self-important jerk he really is. So he told the studio to show up with one on location and pretend it was their idea. Sure enough they did and he went on and on like it was this really sweet surprise. Uh huh.