Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mario honors himself with a statue

So let me get this straight. The Penguins immortalized Mario Lemieux with a Statue of him embarrassing Rich Pilon and Jeff Norton. Ok, doesn't Mario own the team and building? Didn't he set this all up? So who exactly is he thanking in his speech? It's like a rich guy who thanks his wife for buying him a nice watch but he then pays all the bills anyways.

If you missed the speech, here it is in its entirety.

"I would like to thank the owner of this team for this great honor. Only an organization as classy as the Penguins could pull this off. When ownership called me to tell me they were planning this, I couldn't believe it. They made me feel so special. They made me feel like I was still a part of this organization. They talked to me as if I was the guy signing their paychecks. When I started playing here, I thought this place was a dump. I mean, who the hell wants to play in Pittsburgh. If I was gonna freeze my balls off, it might as well be in Canada where people gave a shit about the game. But then, after I broke all the records this team ever had and won two cups, they went bankrupt. Instead of paying me, they gave me this worthless team. Then, we bent over and a horseshoe fell right our of our ass. We won the Crosby lottery and are now a great franchise with a state of the art arena. I would like to thank Mr. Lemieux for all his generosity and for keeping this team in this god forsaken city. Thanks, and Go Steelers!"

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