Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game Review: Habs win (lose), Leafs lose (win)

So who really won last night? The team who won the game and will fight for the 8th spot and probably finish 9th or 10th, or, the team that lost the game and is now dead last with hopefully a 2nd or 3rd overall pick in its sights?

My vote goes to the latter. Last night was a great night for the believers that the Habs will go nowhere by finishing anywhere north of 15th spot in the east. We've tried being a fringe playoff team for years. It doesn't work. One fluky run to the conference finals on the back of a freakishly hot goalie doesn't justify that strategy. Not only did the Habs lose in regulation, but the teams above them won. The Isles, Bolts and Canes all picked up points and distanced themselves from us. And the cherry on the Sunday is watching the Leafs cling to the belief that they'll squeeze in. Splendid.

As for the game itself, it was the same old story. We have 3 guys who create anything offensively. Nothing will change as long as that happens. Carey couldn't do much on their goals. What can you expect when you get outshot 42-22 in your own building. I might as well copy paste that for the rest of the season. Another reason they got outplayed is that the Habs iced a $36M team last night. With all those injuries, that was our payroll. You ain't gonna win much with that.

The best part is that the team leaves for what is usually a horrendous western road trip. Going 0-3 could solidify our hold on last spot in the east. It would also mean that the Oilers beat us and that we might be closer to 29th.

I know some of you might not agree with my hopes of seeing them lose the rest of the way. I understand how you feel. It took some time before I saw the light. But if common sense doesn't do it for you, perhaps this will. What do you think will happen is this team turns it on and finishes the season strong. Do you think that maybe Geoff Molson will think that Pierre Gauthier gets a stay of execution? Maybe he feels the status quo is the way to go. Heeeeelllll no. I don't want anything to do with this management team. I want them all out. Gainey, Gauthier, and Cunneyworth. Losing consistently and finishing an embarrassing last place is the best way to ensure that. It will also give the new GM a nice present with the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. It's the least we can do for the poor bastard who takes this job and gets run out of town 3 years later.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Can't actually cheer against them per se, but I'm always happy when they lose at this point. Yay draft! That Grigorenko kid is a 6'2" centre. Yes, please?

Steve said...

very discouraging. We start the season with 5 scoring threats, AK, Camy, Cole, Patches, Gio. We start next year with 2 if your ready to write Gio off. Who is going to score the goals next year?