Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Morning Bell for Thursday March 15th 2012

Today's honorary ringers: David Desharnais's balls

How big are this guy's balls that he feels he can fuck us over like this? You're small and you're good. We get it. Now stop fucking it all up for the rest of us. You're gonna get a huge raise, the NHL has taken notice. So enough!! Who the hell do you think you are? The Canadiens currently have 2 extra points in the standings just because of your "heroics". 2 points could be the difference between picking 2nd or picking 5th. You better hope that Ugandan kid Gauthier is gonna draft will tear the league up.

So the Habs won in a shootout last night, no thanks to DD. He also scored to give the Habs a 2-1 lead. Perhaps nobody has explained to him how the draft works. Having never been drafted himself, maybe he thinks all players are just randomly assigned to NHL teams. If that's the case, I will apologize to him. If not, he's a douche.

We're barely in last place in the east anymore. Tied with the Islanders and they have a game in hand. It's the fucking Islanders. They're gonna lose that game. We can't rely on anyone to do the losing for us. I hope these guys realize what their doing. Jerks.


KmaXXX said...

DDD played very well last night. Thank him and move on.

Go Habs Go!

Steve said...

If we get above the Islanders we are never going to get below them again.
Stop the madness.

OrangeHab said...

Halirous post Don. I totaly agree, we should cut him some slack since DD wasn't drafted himself. But seriously, stop winning!
I have NEVER cheered agianst the Habs until now. Please don't screw up this draft!

Public Domain said...

and the battle rages between those whose hearts choose to ignore simple arithmetic and those who feel the difference between a 3rd & 7th will make a huge difference cupwise.

rage on, it's a crazy feeling

go habs go - or don't

juce said...

I'd rather WIN than tank.