Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Morning Bell for Thursday March 1st 2012

Today's honorary ringer: Poland

The country is officially less valuable than Apple. Apple's market cap crossed 500 billion (what Gauthier will offer Gomez when his current contract is up), making it more valuable than several countries. Who knows, maybe next year it will be known as iPoland.

Habs try and extend their losing streak tonight versus an equally cold team. Minnesota is 6 points back of 8th in the West and has no chance of leap frogging 3 teams to get there. Let's be honest. There is absolutely no sense in winning any more games this year. It would be totally counter productive. Which is exactly why I expect this team to start winning with 5 or 6 games left, thus ruining our chances at the top 2 picks.

The silver lining is that Toronto is still slipping in the Standings. They currently sit in 10th, which is exactly where we want them. It's starting to look like Washington will get on a bit of a run and solidify its hold on 8th, although I'm really pulling for Winnipeg. Those fans have to live in Winnipeg all year. They need this.


Steve said...

The Peg, hard on the wives, and make make Edmonton a contender.

Angry Habs Fan said...

If Gauthier is still GM when Scott Gomez's contract runs out, i'll weep.