Friday, March 16, 2012

Montreal Skips Over Spring - The Morning Bell for Friday March 16, 2012

Today's ringer: 19 degrees Celsius

Get ready Montreal, the only remedy for no playoff hockey is summer weather.

Montreal has decided to skip over spring. No hockey playoffs, no spring weather - nope we climb right into the twenties as of this weekend. It's like Mother Nature has been thrown off kilter by the Habs performance. That was the only purpose to spring to begin with, these playoffs.

We got a taste of what that special playoff vibe feels like over the weekend. 6:30 pm last Sunday and it was nice and bright out. That usually accompanies the stir of excitement and butterflies in your stomach as the Habs would be set to take to the ice in an all-important game of a 7-game series. It's more than unfortunate that we don't get to feel that for 2 years. Maybe more.

The only way to get over that is by jumping right into summer craziness. So whatever happens, as of this weekend I want you all to parade around the city in your best thong. Man or woman. We're all going to be in thongs.

Other games in the NHL last night? Sidney Crosby comeback? Unless the Kid was playing in a thong I don't wanna hear about it. The Flames making a good push for a playoff spot? Unless Tanguay changes his name to Thonguay, I'm not interested.

It's summertime, Montreal, and it's time to party.

Don't forget, 30 cm of snow next Thursday.

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