Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Morning Bell for Thursday March 22, 2012

Today's ringer, maybe even this year's ringer: Fabrice Muamba

Dead for 78 minutes and now resting in a London Hospital. It's an astounding story. After watching paramedics work on him for what seemed to be an agonizing forever, most of us thought tragedy had struck. Well it only lasted 78 minutes. Can you believe Muamba's luck that a cardiologist was sitting in the crowd when it happened and lead the charge on the pitch and in the ambulance. It's a story that reminds us that while we all love sports, they serve as a pale mirror of real, significant life.

The Habs played last night, but it was 30 degrees in Montreal. So while the Habs are beating records in futility, the city of Montreal is shattering records in celsius.

I would venture that last night may have been the least watched Canadiens game of the year. Meaning this post would make for the least read post of the year. So thank you, both of you, for reading this. 8th time this year the Habs have been held off the scoresheet. One more and we've got another record.

The Toronto Star is saying that GM Brian Burke may start feeling hot under his unbuttoned collar.

New York City is becoming home to the world's fundamentalist Christian athletes as Tim Tebow joins Jeremy Lin in the plight to avoid Broadway hookers and incessant Manhattan orgies. Good luck fellas.

Reports out of Montreal have it that the team will be buying out Scott Gomez. Hmmmm, on another note, I've decided to put my 11-month old son in a car seat instead of letting him ride shotgun with me. Nice job by the Habs for exacting vengeance on Tyler Myers for the hit that put an end to Gomez's career as a Hab.

Retire Tyler Myer's jersey now.


Public Domain said...

more like the mourning bell these days?

DarthAlexander said...

Yes, I'm the second reader!

Well for those who missed the game, they're lucky. It was a shitfest and I have to admit that I completely forgot the Myers element. Are we surprised no one made him answer for it? Most of them are planning vacations now anyways so who wants to accidentally hurt themselves before a nice long vacation.

KmaXXX said...

Sorry to skew your figures...

juce said...

Go Habs!

James said...

The problem with Gomez is, if he's still injured at the buyout period (which is between the end of the playoffs and june 30th), the Habs cannot buy him out because you can't buy out an injured player.
And with a concussion, who can even tell if the guy's still injured or not... he just has to tell the doctors he still has headaches and voilà! No buyout.
If that's the case, Myers needs to die a slow, painful death.

Stinky said...

Can you post something? Anything? Bueller? Anyone? Pretty please? I need some funny.