Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Morning Bell for who the hell gives a shit

Hello PK'ists. I have to apologize for our effort this week. But can you blame us? What the hell else is there to say about this season? Not making the playoffs is bad enough, but not being comfortably in last place is even worse. As the Habs start flirting with the real disaster of finishing 25th or 26th, we are here contemplating what to write about such a season. We've said it all. Gomez sucks, Markov is made of paper, Desharnais-Cole-Pacioretty have been the only constant, PK finally salvaged his season, Price was good, Emelin was a nice surprise. I got nothin' else.

You know things are slow when the airwaves are dominated by unconfirmed reports that Patrick Roy will be the next coach. I wanna meet this blogger who gets people talking like that by pulling stories out of his ass. This makes no sense at all. Not because Patrick is a bad choice (god knows there is a long list of pros and cons), but because there is no way you can hire him without knowing who your GM is. You can't saddle the new GM with such a polarizing figure like #33. Pierre Gauthier better be on his way out. If he is, you can't hire the new GM and tell him this:

Molson: Hi new GM. Your coach is Patrick Roy. He's a god in this city and everybody likes him more than you. You can't fire him or tell him what to do. Come to think of it, he's your boss. He likes to be called Saint-Patrick and takes coffee black.

To make things even worse, I used to love seeing the Leafs get killed, but now, they are dangerously close to last place, so I have no choice but hope they win. This season has been pure torture.


dwgs said...

Oh so you don't have enough despair and you're filled with ennui, huh? Well try this on for size. Some media people who spend a lot of time with the team apparently are beginning to think that Molson may have no plans to replace the Goat at all. There, fuel for the blog.

Steve said...

If Markov plays next year, this same team minus Gomez could be a contender. Contrast that with the other loser teams in the league. Only the Oilers have a future as bright as Montreal. So by that measure PG is not the worst GM ever, let alone in recent Habs history. That said, I want him gone.

KmaXXX said...

No matter what kind of result you want - yoiu gotta admit that the leaf losing 8-0 is always a lovely start to a day! (or end to a night)