Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to business. After 2 days off, Habs hit the ice vs Torts' underacheivers

As the hangover from Wednesday's giant orgasm wears off, the Habs get back to business tonight as they welcome everybody's favorite sour puss, Mr. Tortorella himself.  Torts is, how can I put this, failing miserably at motivating his all star lineup.  A team that was pegged as a favorite in the East is tied for the final playoff spot with the Islanders.  That's right.  The team with Nash, Richards, Gaborik & Lundqvist, is tied with the team still paying Alexei Yashin.  4-5-1 in their last 10 games and coming off a shutout to the Ottawa farm team.  You would think this would be easy pickins, but that's what we thought about Buffalo and the Islanders.  The moral of the story, teams from the state of New York cannot be taken lightly.  Although they've struggled, the Rangers are capable of beating anybody on any given night with all that talent.  The Habs are going to have to do their thing.  A quick, fast paced game, stay out of the box (since their penalty kill is atrocious) and capitalize on the powerplay.  And if that doesn't work, just let Gallagher's enormous balls to all the work.

As for the lineup, couple of changes for tonight.  First and foremost, a gentleman by the name of Brandon Prust will most likely make his much anticipated return against his former team.  On defense, the Tomas Kaberle suicide watch continues as the coach trusts a 3rd different rookie to play in his spot.  Nathan Beaulieu gets a crack at the NHL and hopefully gets some PP time on the 2nd unit.

So Torts, enjoy the spring like weather today.  There's a shitstorm with your name on it on its way.

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