Thursday, March 21, 2013

Habs visit bizarro world, a dimension where Dennis Rodman is Secretary General of the United Nations and the Islanders are better than them.

Tonight the Habs are Long Island to play a team that for some reason gives them a lot of trouble.  On Paper, it doesn't make any sense.  It's like Denzel taking Precious on 3 dates and not scoring.  Like GSP losing to Richard Simmons.  Twice.  Why the hell is this team giving us so much trouble?  I mean when we lose to Toronto, I can understand it a bit more.  They're a harder team to play against and have a bunch of guys who can fight.  But aside from Tavares and Geoff's nephew Matt Moulson, they're pretty thin.  And tonight, speedy winger Michael Grabner ain't playing.  This is a team that still has Alexei Yashin on the payroll.  That's how well managed they are.  I mean look at the moves they made over the years

Trading Chris Osgood and a 3rd rounder for Justin Papineau and Jeremy Colliton

Trading Bryan McCabe and Tood Bertuzzi for Jarko Ruutu and Trevor Linden

Picking Rick DiPietro first overall.  Not because it turned out to be a mistake, because they already had another Italian goalie in Roberto Luongo.  And they traded him and Olli Jokinen for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvashit.

Signing Yashin to a 29 year 6 billion dollar deal that they will be paying off until 2015.  And who did they give up for this privilege?  Some guy called Zdeno Chara and another loser by the name of Jason Spezza.

Milbury the human brain fart was obviously voted off the island after his disastrous tenure and NBC thought he would be a credible source of hockey analysis.

But if those moves were made here in Montreal, Milbury would have been murdered.  Not crime of passion murdered.  I'm talking premeditated mid evil shit.  Some guy would've abducted him and skinned him alive while forcing him to watch a Honey Boo Boo marathon in Swahili with a naked Pauline Marois.

Let's hope our boys can restore balance in the universe and get back to their winning ways.  Dropping  this game would make it impossible to salvage what was supposed to be an easy week.


winning conditions said...

Amen A-Rab

btw - gruesome torture

Stinky said...

Well done!